6 Secret Tips Home Staging Experts Use

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Not a believer in home staging? Maybe you don’t even know what home staging entails? The truth is there are many realtors and homeowners that believe it gives them an edge in a competitive marketplace. If you have ever toured an apartment community before, chances are the leasing agent walked you through a fully furnished unit. They took the time to make the home look as though it was somebody else’s residence? Obviously, they did this for a reason.

If you aren’t sold on home staging, there are many statistics you can find online. The following are for people who want to learn the top home staging secrets the pros are using today. If  you don’t’ plan on using a professional service, then this is for you. These are easy and can be accomplished on your own with little effort.  

Pay Attention to Outdoor Spaces

The first impression is what counts. It’s hard to come back if your home has negative aspects. Putting up a new coat of paint can do wonders for a brand new look. Fresh flowers in the backyard will surely draw attention. You might instruct your gardener its time to spruce up the yard. When a prospective buyer walks up to your home, they will take pleasure in it if they recognize it outright or not. 

What Function do the Rooms Serve

Each room in your home should have a specific function. The dining room is where members of the family congregate for meals. So a table and chairs should be carefully selected to convey this ritual. Bedrooms are for sleeping and bathrooms are for bathing. Now is the time to illustrate the role each room plays in the overall living environment. 


This can apply to all the rooms in your home including the kitchen, den, and bedrooms. Our kitchens are usually littered with all sorts of appliances, salt and pepper shakers, televisions, toasters, etc. You might even put these items away in a closet or drawer when you know you will have potential buyers inside your space. 

Fresh fruit that isn’t in the refrigerator can be placed in a tray.  Spatulas that may not be able to fit in drawers can be placed in an organizer.  Make everything as simple as possible. 

Replace old Shower Curtains with New

Shower Curtains and Caulking

sprucing up your home doesn’t have to be expensive and you can do it yourself. Chances are you can re-caulk the bathrooms. Look at the walls inside your shower. Maybe they need a new paint job. If you have a walk-in shower with a glass door it needs to be free of spots. Consider replacing your curtain with a brand new one.  

Paint and Deep Clean

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Interiors probably are showing age in the form of cracks and wear. A “touch up” coat will brighten each room and make it look brand new. 

Don’t Forget the Baseboards

When was the last time you cleaned the baseboards in your home.  You might actually be better off hiring a cleaning service to get all the dust and dirt that has accumulated under chairs and table and has lined the exterior of your carpet where it meets the walls.

According Lake Homes, nothing turns-off a potential buyer faster than a dirty home. The clutter can be a real eyesore. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service to do it right.