How to Stage Downtown Apartments in Houston, TX

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  •  To make more money

U.S. Housing and Urban Development report that a staged Downtown Houston apartment home will sell on average 17% higher than an un-staged home.

  • Your house will sell faster which = fewer headaches and hassle

The New York Village Voice reported that the average time an Un-Staged home is on the market is more than twice as long as a Professionally Staged home.

  • The cost of staging is worth the return on investment

If your are looking for the cheap way, then yes you can buy the furniture yourself and set it up the way you like. What we offer is a service that does it all for you, and we probably will do a better job than you could. For a quote contact us today. There are plenty of studies that show a real return on your investment.

  • It is hard for home sellers to view their house objectively

Home sellers see their house as a homeowner. A professional stager is trained to remove the personalization and stage the house for the eyes of the buyer.

  •  “Do it yourself” friendly

A professional home stager can manage your staging from start to finish. Or, they can give you a detailed enough report based on their extensive knowledge and training to have you “Do it yourself”.

  • Only 10% of home buyers can fully visualize the potential of a home

This is very bad odds for an un-staged home. Remember, you only get 1 chance to make a First Impression.

  •  The longer your home is on the market, the lower your selling price will be

Buyers tend to offer less money the longer a house is listed for sale. The cost of staging is generally much less than the amount of your first price reduction.

  •  The money you make is Tax-Free!

Take advantage of your tax-free capital gains by getting every dollar possible on the sale of your home.

  •  Leaving your house in “AS IS” condition will help sell the competition

To sell an automobile we have it detailed inside and out to get top dollar. We need to do the same with our home. Don’t push buyers to the house for sale down the street because yours isn’t move-in ready in their eyes.

  •  Better photos bring in more buyers

Studies show that over 85% of home buyers search online BEFORE visiting the home. Your professional stager will transform your rooms, take photos to capture the results, and pass them to your real estate agent to use in their marketing campaign.

stage a home for best return

Our Home Staging Services

The services we provide are listed below. Please remember that it is our goal to customize them to your specific needs. Starlight Design wants to make the process of selling your home as stress-free as possible.

Initial Consultation

Your home staging makeover will start with an initial consultation and walk-thru of your Downtown Houston home. We will evaluate the interior and exterior by taking a fresh look at every room and creating a detailed action plan based on our findings

Home Staging and Re-design Services

As a certified home stager, Starlight Design will provide you with many suggestions to give your home that extra edge in the marketplace.

Shopping Service

Starlight Design can help you choose those special decorating items to create that final touch to your home. We will work within your budget to achieve this.

Move-in Service

If you have recently purchased an apartment in Downtown Houston and are just moving in, or if you just need help finding the perfect combination of furniture and accessories, Starlight Design can help you map this out and get the best look in your new home.

Consider the cost of ‘staging’ versus the cost of your first price reduction!!!

Our “REO” Staging Services

Starlight Design, in keeping with its goal of helping homes sell as quickly as possible and for top dollar, assists banks with their foreclosures. Also known as REO’s (Real Estate Owned) we help by securing the properties all the way to Professionally Staging them. Because we have an eye for what homebuyers are looking for, this is kept in mind during the entire process of getting the REO ready for sale.

Staging FAQ…

My house isn’t worth being “professionally staged”…

Even spending a mere $500 for staging services should net you thousands in return and speed of sale based upon statistical data. In the previous statistics, unless the house is under 50K this argument is invalid.

The housing market is good and my house doesn’t need to be staged to sell…

You’re right. Every house will sell…it’s a matter of when and for how much. Even if your house sells quickly in a good market, it doesn’t mean it sold for the amount it would have sold for had it been professionally staged. Remember, professionally staged homes sell on a conservative average for 6%+ more*. If you are home sold for 400K un-staged it probably would have sold for 425K staged.

Why can’t I just stage my own home?

Home sellers are usually incapable of successfully staging their own home. Why? Because our home is like our child, we don’t always see all of their flaws. We’ve gotten used to the way it looks and in fact it is difficult emotionally to change it. If you can’t view something objectively then you are unable to market and package it effectively. Professional Home Stagers are specially trained at using what home sellers have to transform their surroundings so that their house can compete in a slowing market. 

Can’t homebuyers use their imagination and look past the décor?

A very limited number of potential home buyers can envision their new home when viewing. A professional stager knows what the market trends are and what people want in a new home. Buyers are always looking for reasons not to buy a home. Our agents know exactly what people want in their new home today.

Our friends over at Rentkidz help renters find apartments in Downtown Houston that are the perfect size for their belongings. It’s amazing how much stuff you can actually put in your studio if you have the right tools.

Get Your Home Staged by an Expert